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Who is eligible to study in a college or university abroad ?
The main criteria are good academic standing and financial resources. Required GPA varies from 2.50 to 3.0, depending upon the course. Language requirements vary per country and program. Other general requirements are statement of purpose and recommendation letters.
Can I work while studying ?
Every country offers opportunities to earn while studying in order to help students support their education. A student can work for 20 hours per week off campus. He can get a license to work on campus after first six months of the start of the course.
How will I choose the right program for me ?
In order to choose the right program, you will have to assess your academic preparation realistically. We are there to suggest you the course that is suitable to you and that is based upon your previous study and experience, if any. But the ultimate choice is yours as you are the best judge of your intellectual capacities and your interest.
What documents are required ?
Generally, your academic and financial documents are required for admission and visa purpose. For more detail, please follow the link of Admission Process in SERVICES.
How difficult would it be for me to study and work in a foreign country without knowing their language ?
You don’t need to worry about the foreign language as the medium of instruction will be English, unless you choose the medium to be the native language. In the latter case, preparatory course are offered to you, which can be pursued even by the students opting for English as their medium of instruction. Moreover, you can learn the foreign language in the new environment, if you are determined to do so.
Can I apply to the course without any prior experience ?
Yes, you can. Majority of the institutes offer admissions to those who are talented and have good academic records. It’s not mandatory to have experience, even when you are applying for MBA.
Do I require taking IELTS / TOEFL and GRE/GMAT to apply to the college or the university ?
Yes, at least the test of IELTS or TOEFL is mandatory in almost every institute, in every country as it determines your ability to study in a language that is foreign to you. GRE and GMAT are to be taken when asked by the college for particular graduate courses.
Will I be able to work there upon completion of my course ?
Generally, successful completion of your courses permits you to apply for a work permit, if your academic performance and intentions tend to be satisfying. The work visa depends upon nature of your job and the need of the sponsor to retain you with him.
How will the degree earned improve my chances of employability ?
Your degree will provide you with what employers seek intensively- international experience, flexibility, cross-cultural communication skills, ability to adapt to new circumstances and resilience. These skills will help you in this period of globalization.
Are there any chances of becoming a permanent resident of the country ?
Yes, there are. Almost every foreign country invites candidates who have acquired the skills required to support their economy and social life and adapt to the environment there. Your study and work experience on the foreign land will fetch you points that will be added up to the points required to fetch a PR visa in the country where you have studied and worked.
What is the cost of living per month ?
Generally, the cost of living ranges from $200 to $500. It depends upon the lifestyle habits of the student. This cost includes expenditure on accommodation and food and other day-to-day expenses.
Can I get scholarship for my course ?
The scholarship to international students depends upon his or her academic scores and scores in language test and entrance test, if any. There are different criteria for different institutions and countries.
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